September 14, 2009

Episode 1: Starting out PLUS a short intro

Don't ask about my messiness... I'm at home!


Boon and myself have challenged ourselves to take up this heavy module (or light, depends on how one sees it) for the next and final 6 months of our Business IT course.

So how is it gonna roll? Honestly, I'm not really sure.. but here's what we can assure YOU!

That's right! YOU, the imaginary loyal reader of this blog that not only bookmarks but makes his or her homepage!

  • We have 3 goals in mind - to complete the core project, a community service project, and IT awareness campaign
  • Attempt to keep this blog as updated as possible, hopefully weekly vodcasts
  • To have a kick-ass of a time!
Tell your family and friends ya'll!

- Illias
Only realized half way that he's blogging off the main acct

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