September 18, 2009

Blog: Lesson Number 1

As you can see, this is the screenshot we took when we were going to register for Well i should say thank you to tipping point media for taking the URL as they taught us one lesson, fastest fingers first. On top of that, we got a cooler URL,, why cool? cause it's just so cool to say it.

Let's say it once together, "T-I-P-Me-dia-dot-Net".

Anyway just another cool news I stumbled upon while searching high and low for statistics for iPhone. It was on the Straits Times, 9 September 2009. A 9 years old boy Lim Ding Wen, wrote an iPhone application known as Doodle Kids, a simple painting program. This boy here is fluent in 6 programming languages, oh my. He made Doodle kids for the sake of his little sister and within 2weeks on the apps store there were 4'000 downloads for that app.

He is now writing a game known as 'Invader Wars'. TIPMedia.Net wishes him the best of luck.


  1. I've done a Whois search ( on the net and apparently, the domain record was last amended in Aug 2008. So don't feel bad either. How about domain name trading? New e-commerce venture! Haha. At least for me, dot net sounds nicer.

  2. Ya I felt .net sounds nicer too! blessing in disguise! Haha, imagine if we had purchase the domain earlier maybe they will pay us for the domain name haha!