September 27, 2009

Episode 3: Fast week, Quick update

Recorded on 24th September '09... Word...

Really short on content this time, but we have excelled in digressing!

Hmmm... yeah...

So here's what that has been happening!

1# We made cookies! Tasted not bad i must say, for the fact that we went all innovative in mixing the cookie dough.

2# We've assigned an hour and a half each day to head down to the gym or go for a run. Hopefully it'll help us in some ways, and of course so that we don't get physically slapped around during National Service late next year!

3# By the mid of next week, we should have 2 MacBooks and 2 guide books so we're getting down to programming as of then.

4# Check out Really interesting site on seeing things in life and stay motivated. (We signed up but always avoided the 'ORDER NOW!'. The free stuff are useful enough!)

5# Boon enjoys irritating me! Haha crazy nutcase...

6# I'm still late for meetings!

7# Publicizing of has begun! We 'blog-napped' (Boon: Kidnapping blogs!), where we get our close blog contacts to post up a post about our blog. TRY IT if you're starting up a blog shop or u have an awareness u want publicized!

Oh and there's a video competition hosted by Singapore Health Promotion Board! Check it out here:

It's like an empty field on the blog! I know there are people out there! I CAN SEE YOU!!

If you think i can see you, comment! We wanna know u're there!

September 24, 2009

Trailer: TIP

This is our trailer of what is going happen in this coming 6 months! Thank you Illias for the very nice video editing. 2 of us will be walking this journey together, motivating each other. May the road be smooth or bumpy, we will stay strong for each other.

September 22, 2009

Blog: Time Management

Hey there, how has it been this week my friends on the internet reading this blog entry? Well This week we have been getting down with our business plan, typing out what we intend to do for TIP!

Yes,we are doing on iPhone apps! Doing something that's cool!

I can say that Illias and I have lots to do, especially waking up early! We had been been sleeping late lately or should i say early as it is 2am. We are trying our best to tune back the bio-clock in our body so that we can sleep at 11pm and WAKE UP at 8am.

Talking about time, here's a Youtube video I would like to share with you. It's a lecture about time management by a professor Randy Pausch who does not have much time left on Earth. He is diagnosed with cancer and he is talking about managing time. It is more than an hour long lecture and he is a humorous guy. Illias and I will have to watch this video together someday! WE REALLY NEED TIME MANAGEMENT!

One phrase I love the most about what he said: "Good judgement comes with experience and experience comes from bad judgement, so if things aren't going well, than it means you are learning a lot and will go better later." So enjoy the lecture:

Episode 2: We've Confirmed Our Idea! But...

Recorded on 17th September '09. Sorry for the delay, all 7 of you out there!

It's official: We're working on iPhone Apps!

There are quite a number of ideas in mind, so we're getting somewhere... for now!

Our next quest probably is to start learning as much as possible about the iPhone SDK and how to program well with it.

Simultaneously, we'll also be planning ways to publicize TIPMedia.Net. We'll definitely update on what we intend to do!

AND and and if you happen to have any ideas on how we may do so, let us know in the comments section below! No idea is crazy, it's just whether we are crazy enough to do it!

September 18, 2009

Blog: Lesson Number 1

As you can see, this is the screenshot we took when we were going to register for Well i should say thank you to tipping point media for taking the URL as they taught us one lesson, fastest fingers first. On top of that, we got a cooler URL,, why cool? cause it's just so cool to say it.

Let's say it once together, "T-I-P-Me-dia-dot-Net".

Anyway just another cool news I stumbled upon while searching high and low for statistics for iPhone. It was on the Straits Times, 9 September 2009. A 9 years old boy Lim Ding Wen, wrote an iPhone application known as Doodle Kids, a simple painting program. This boy here is fluent in 6 programming languages, oh my. He made Doodle kids for the sake of his little sister and within 2weeks on the apps store there were 4'000 downloads for that app.

He is now writing a game known as 'Invader Wars'. TIPMedia.Net wishes him the best of luck.

September 16, 2009

Blog: Ideas Generation and a Lesson Learnt!

It has so far been a pretty brain crunching week for us, vomiting ideas after ideas. Our frequent jokes and puns have also taken a toll, with them pretty much being IT-related.

And you definitely know you need a breather if you begin to even imagine that Angelina Jolie might name her next child WiFi or HSDPA.

(I don't even know where that came from!)

Boon's been doing most of the ideas generation, while i feel like i'm running on a really old 64MB ram during the daytime. The fasting is really getting to me, but i'm trying to catch up as much as i can in the night time by surfing on for anything that may inspire our project.

Haha Boon must be pissed with my constant naps during meetings!

OH OH OH DID YOU KNOW!!! That on the same day we were about to buy our domain, Tipping Media (probably some advert company) bought TIPMEDIA.COM just a few hours before???!! I was throwing a mini tantrum!!! It's a MINI tantrum because it's manly-er!

"Shit happens" ~ Murphy's Law reinterpreted by TIPMedia.NET

Here's an interesting video we want to share with you from


September 14, 2009

Episode 1: Starting out PLUS a short intro

Don't ask about my messiness... I'm at home!


Boon and myself have challenged ourselves to take up this heavy module (or light, depends on how one sees it) for the next and final 6 months of our Business IT course.

So how is it gonna roll? Honestly, I'm not really sure.. but here's what we can assure YOU!

That's right! YOU, the imaginary loyal reader of this blog that not only bookmarks but makes his or her homepage!

  • We have 3 goals in mind - to complete the core project, a community service project, and IT awareness campaign
  • Attempt to keep this blog as updated as possible, hopefully weekly vodcasts
  • To have a kick-ass of a time!
Tell your family and friends ya'll!

- Illias
Only realized half way that he's blogging off the main acct