September 22, 2009

Blog: Time Management

Hey there, how has it been this week my friends on the internet reading this blog entry? Well This week we have been getting down with our business plan, typing out what we intend to do for TIP!

Yes,we are doing on iPhone apps! Doing something that's cool!

I can say that Illias and I have lots to do, especially waking up early! We had been been sleeping late lately or should i say early as it is 2am. We are trying our best to tune back the bio-clock in our body so that we can sleep at 11pm and WAKE UP at 8am.

Talking about time, here's a Youtube video I would like to share with you. It's a lecture about time management by a professor Randy Pausch who does not have much time left on Earth. He is diagnosed with cancer and he is talking about managing time. It is more than an hour long lecture and he is a humorous guy. Illias and I will have to watch this video together someday! WE REALLY NEED TIME MANAGEMENT!

One phrase I love the most about what he said: "Good judgement comes with experience and experience comes from bad judgement, so if things aren't going well, than it means you are learning a lot and will go better later." So enjoy the lecture:

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