April 21, 2010

Gone Viral: Never back down from an argument

(edit: link now works!)
I think we can all learn something here.

Express yourself with motion. Never stop babbling (because if you do, you lose).

And when all else fails, bring the house down with some random dance moves!

April 13, 2010

Gone Viral: That's what friends are for

With the uprising of so, so many FAIL videos floating around the internet, I think this takes the cake for today.

Gotta love the guy filming!

April 6, 2010

Become a Fan (Period!)

This is just hilarious! Gosh I'm so easily entertained.

Gone Viral: Mad Skills in the Art of Window Washing

This guy should have an art festival named after him.

Lesson of the day: Make your job appear extremely fancy, and be assured you won't be replaced.