September 27, 2009

Episode 3: Fast week, Quick update

Recorded on 24th September '09... Word...

Really short on content this time, but we have excelled in digressing!

Hmmm... yeah...

So here's what that has been happening!

1# We made cookies! Tasted not bad i must say, for the fact that we went all innovative in mixing the cookie dough.

2# We've assigned an hour and a half each day to head down to the gym or go for a run. Hopefully it'll help us in some ways, and of course so that we don't get physically slapped around during National Service late next year!

3# By the mid of next week, we should have 2 MacBooks and 2 guide books so we're getting down to programming as of then.

4# Check out Really interesting site on seeing things in life and stay motivated. (We signed up but always avoided the 'ORDER NOW!'. The free stuff are useful enough!)

5# Boon enjoys irritating me! Haha crazy nutcase...

6# I'm still late for meetings!

7# Publicizing of has begun! We 'blog-napped' (Boon: Kidnapping blogs!), where we get our close blog contacts to post up a post about our blog. TRY IT if you're starting up a blog shop or u have an awareness u want publicized!

Oh and there's a video competition hosted by Singapore Health Promotion Board! Check it out here:

It's like an empty field on the blog! I know there are people out there! I CAN SEE YOU!!

If you think i can see you, comment! We wanna know u're there!

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