October 6, 2009

IT Awareness: IT Survey in Singapore

As part of IT Awareness side project, here's a survey on how well people in Singapore know about IT and some of the opinions they had. I'll let the video speak for itself!

Give your comments and spread the word!!!


  1. FIrst comment WHooo... LOL anyway here to wish u GUYS GOOD LUCK IN YOUR TIP!!! a bit late for wishes but at least better than none! Hope you guys are successful so we can use this as a guide should we do TIP too.

    once again Good Luck, May you guys succeed!

  2. Hey thanks Jerrold.

    One of the purpose of TIPMedia.net is to provide an idea of what TIP is about and also as a guide.

    Well, if you were to do TIP feel free to find us, we will be glad to guide you along.

  3. We're actually doing whatever we feel like doing!

    Our experiences are as infomal as it gets, and we intend to kepe it that way!

    Teh tarik anyone?