October 29, 2009

Blog: TIPMedia.net has a new HQ!!

Guess what? TIPMedia.net has shift office again!

During the term holiday we had been using the level 3 of our school library as our office, one corner of level 3. It is peaceful and serene until school re-opens, of course the little corner is not fully occupied but the internet connection became a lot slower. Playing Mafia War on Facebook becomes 4 times slower than usual.

Library Level 3 (Office Number 1)

Thus when school term started, we shifted our office to that blue table in the underpass. Why? Because I have some CCA meetings and being at the underpass allows me to have my meetings and do TIP at the same time. The internet connection was a bit faster and I loved that table as there are 2 fans above it. However, at times it can be very noisy especially when lectures end and all the students excitedly exit the lecture hall.

Blue table at underpass (Office number 2)

Yesterday, we accidentally stumbled upon a very prestigious location where we know it would be a great place to locate our HQ. So that place became our headquarters, very quiet and their internet speed is way faster. YES, we are no longer using Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s internet, therefore we can play MMORPG if we want to.

The best thing about our headquarters is that, it has a swimming pool, gym and there are a few air-con food centers within reach. Well, when school term started, our school gym was packed full and we haven’t been able to work out much. Usage of the locker is 50cents per locker, so every visit to the gym costs us $1.

At our headquarters, Gym is never full, locker is free, so there you go - cost saving. I got so excited about moving to our headquarters yesterday that I couldn’t stop calling Illias and telling him, “We are moving to our new HQ tomorrow, wooooooooo!” By the way, it requires special privileges to gain access to this place; that’s why it is so peaceful in here.

Anyway, sorry about me BLAGGING (Bragging + Blogging) about our headquarters but I just want to share our excitement with YOU! So here are some pictures of our new ‘headquarters’.

New HQ
Sofa with Newspapers
Work desk

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