January 24, 2010

Episode 12: Long Time Coming!

Gosh, I think we need to get some rest!

January 10, 2010

Open House, Pictures, and the iPhone app

Ahoy hoy!

IT News on our Facebook Fan Page has been a tad slow these past few days because we've been busy at our booth in Ngee Ann Poly's Open House! We were stationed in the Business IT section in the Business School.

We wanted to check out the response of teens to simple iPhone apps, so Boon created a Click Click game where all one has to do is to click as many times as he/she can within 10 seconds!

We promised an iPod Shuffle to anybody who could get the top score for the whole 3 days.

(Taken by Gifford Yap)
The TV from our humble booth.

Zooming in, this is how the iPhone simulated game looks like. Players do the clicking with a Wiimote, which was connected to it via Bluetooth.

How it looks like half-way through the game.

To express just how interestingly well it went, here are the top 10 pictures that really bring out the attributes of our players:

1. Perseverance
2. Anxiety
3. Determination
4. Excitement
5. Patience
6. Regret
7. Passion
8. Creativity?
9. Disappointment
10. Teamwork Sexual Tension

If you wanna check out the rest of the photos, here are the links!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Tag 'em if you know 'em!

January 1, 2010

Blog: Xcode training @Studio27

Those were the moments of real understanding about Xcode! The training helped us understand deeper about Xcode foundation. If you would like to have a lesson with Mr Lee here's the website www.learn2develop.net