December 19, 2009

Blog: Received our Festive Cards Yet?

If you're our Faceboon fan, you'll probably be receiving a personal card from us!

Haven't gotten it yet? Its probably on its way, but you have to accept the friend invitation by 'TipMedia Net TipMedia', because that's our mailing account. Don't ask about its weird name; Facebook doesn't allow us to get too creative with the name!

It's been a busy busy few weeks as we are beginning to see great advancement in our iPhone applications development. Boon created a simple yet addictive game that we're probably gonna display at the Business IT booth @ NP's Open House.

We've got plans to create more videos as we draw closer to our interactive stage of our journey.

... right after I get my Acer back from servicing :(

Once again, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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