December 27, 2009

Google's new venture, Nexus One, in comparison with a celebrity


I've been meaning to talk about the much anticipated Nexus One aka Google's very own phone, so here it goes:
(Photo from BoyGeniusReport)

If you've been following our Facebook fan page, you'd notice the excessive hype this Android powerhouse has been getting. This is Google's first attempt into producing their own hardware device to go in hand with their powerful Android OS, which has so far been running on many HTC models, the Motorola Droid, and so forth.

How's it gonna go down in 2010?

Here's a simple analogy I think WE ALL can relate to:

That's right, our very much loved Lady Gaga.

Before she went all Poker Face and Bad Romance, she was using her amazing song-writing talent for existing stars like Britney Spears, Pussycat Dolls, & Fergie.

Gaga's talent = Android OS
Exisiting stars = HTC, Motorola Droid, devices supporting Android OS

Gaga finally went solo with her talent and brought us The Fame, her own album with her own-written songs using her own voice.

The Fame = Nexus One

And was it successful? HECK YEAH! (even rumours about she being a hermaphrodite and having a lil' twinky down there didn't stop her from selling herself so well!)

This is probably the easiest analogy that I can put across for anybody to understand the possible outcome of Nexus One when it hits stores in January.

With Android's stability and powerful performance on third-party devices, its no wonder consumers are gearing up their wallets for Google's very own baby!
"We've got what you need. Come to us and we shall serve you well."

Can you imagine the possibilities?! Will we see a Google Nexus One vs iPhone in 2010?

Or will we see another uncontested year of a newer iPhone model?

Whatever it is, nothing's gonna excite me more than the possible unveiling of the iTablet/iPad!

With that said, have a great 2010!
"Aii.. I'll just stick with the iPhone."

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